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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Glo And Etisalat Free browsing.

Glo And Etisalat Free browsing is Now Working Perfectly On QueenCee Version 8
Wow! After waiting for Tweakware and Stark VPN to set
and reconfigure their VPNs by adding more stable servers to their Tweak bundles but they seems not to reply or even set it up while prexbloggers are already hungry for free browsing especially the Etisalat and official Glo free browsing which has unlimited data. So, we've have finally found a VPN called QueenCee upgrade of version 8.
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How To Run It.

1. Go to settings and choose apps.

2. Locate queencee vpn. hit clear data.

3. Relaunch queencee vpn and input the correct handler settings for the sim in use.hit save

4. Turn data connection on

5. As soon as clicking save, a choice between browser only and tunnel whole device will appear. please click tunnel whole device


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