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Monday, 16 January 2017

How To Double Your Data On Mtn

Mtn is now giving out double of their customer subscription. I know most of you would have heard of this but I'm sorry to for posting it late but not withstanding you can still enjoy the benefit.

          How To Do It.
  • Mtn Sim either Old or New
  • Your airtime credit e.g 1000 NGN
  • Dial Your subscription code. e.g Text 106 to 131.
  • You will be given 1.5Gig normal data plus 1.5Gig bonus making 3Gig
Note: You must have migrate to your present tariff for past one month if not you will not be given the bonus.
         Also the same thing is applicable to all mtn data subscription including Mtn chatpack(whatsapp, facebook subscription e.t.c)

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