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Friday, 18 November 2016

Latest Free Subscription For All Network.

For the Sure_Zite fans that don't like using VPN apps
to power their browser here is another privilege to subscribe
without spending any dime. No more story.

How to do it.

1) You need your Android phone,
2) Download Zoto app
3) install the app
4) Register on the app.
Note: While registering your ZOTO acct, Uncheck the box that
you have referrer, then input IYANUS as your referrer for you to get #1000 naira worth
5) After through with the registration
6) you have to buy at-least #50 airtime with the app
NOTE: If you like you may not save your debit card detail.
7) You will be given #1000 ZOTO cash.
8) Repeat the step5 again, instead of 50 input 1000 then check
the box "use ZOTO CASH" then proceed in your transaction.
9) You can send the ZOTO CASH to any number for your monthly subscription
10) You are done.
NOTE: You must use IYANUS if you don't want to end-up given NOTING

If you have any enquire use the comment box below.

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